the Halloween that almost wasn’t

I’m sorry.

I don’t have the glowing beautiful sunset photos of the neighborhood gathered in my backyard for Halloween this year, no family themed costume, no jack-o’-lantern cake…

And if you’re disappointed in me, please know that I’m even more disappointed in myself.

I’m blaming the weather. When the predicted high was 34 degrees, we cancelled our annual pre-trick-or-treat dinner. The evening rolled in with a balmy 42 degrees, which was doable for trick-or-treating, but no good for standing in our backyard and socializing.

Still, even if the weather had been lovely, I don’t know if I had the magic this year. Xander was traveling for school, Mary and Gabe were slightly apathetic and Erik and I were just tired. Still, we had some victories:

  1. We hosted a Halloween themed baby shower on October 30th and the darling young mom went into labor THAT NIGHT and delivered a darling little baby boy on Halloween.
  2. OK, the rest of the list doesn’t compare to #1 but I’m going to keep going– we hung all our lovely Halloween decor (now to take it down…)
  3. Mary and her friend Cambell went trick-or-treating with 6-year-old Penny and came home and made the best doughnuts ever. Seriously. The Best.
  4. We finally watched Stranger Things.
  5. Xander, Madi and Mary carved pumpkins.
  6. Gabe went to a dance dressed as a pirate and wore the most fabulous purple ruffled blouse (don’t I have a photo? I must have a photo.)
  7. We’ve now used the same candy corn in our jar for seven years straight. Hey, I have to take my victories where I can.
  8. We tossed the pumpkins off the roof before they rotted.

Next year, next year we’ll have themed costumes, we’ll have the party (even if we have to move it to the church gym)… I’ll take gorgeous photos and we’ll have doughnuts, definitely more doughnuts.

November 10, 2019
November 11, 2019