the loveliest conference weekend

When we started talking about flying Hans home for Easter, he suggested conference weekend instead, simply because it’s one of the best family weekends of the year.

This weekend certainly did not disappoint.

Fritzie showed off his letter recognition skills and showed him where I’d hidden all the chocolate.

Last conference, we replaced our traditional Legos (choking hazard) with trains. It’s been an excellent swap.

Xander was inspired by the music

After the longest winter, it was finally warm enough to go on a walk without coats.

Larsie tasting whip cream

When Fritzie heard we were having an Easter egg hunt between conference sessions, he was too excited to sit still. As if he ever sits still. So, I let him hide the candy.

Can you spot the little Easter bunny in this photo?

He’s so good at finding unusual hiding spots.

The obligatory pre-hunt photos.

Two babies learning to walk.

Musical babies

I’ve been painting the playhouse and finally hung the post box for secret messages. The babies love Mary’s old pink kitchen ❤️

Conference sleep is some of the best sleep.

It’s not that we force Lars to eat on the floor, he just ends up there (a lot!).

We also decided to have an Easter dinner with Hansie. Which turned out to be a very good decision…

We drove Hansie to the airport right after the Sunday afternoon session. Only forty hours at home and the sweetest opportunity to count our blessings.

Happy Conference Weekend!

Favorite conference talks:

Finding Personal Peace by Elder Henry B. Eyring

Jesus Christ is the Strength of Parents by Elder Dieter Uchtdorf

Accessing God’s Power through Covenants by Elder Dale G. Renlund


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  1. Anne Marie

    April 16, 2023

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I just LOVE seeing everyone together!! And the grand babies are completely doted upon! (Just as it should be!!). It feels like an explosion of goodness and sweetness
    I, also, loved President Eyring’s talk. It was one of the most memorable ones for me, and the promise of peace was so hopeful.
    Love you!!

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