the sweetest day

From the minute we wake up till we collapse at the end of the day, February 14th is all about Valentines.

Decorate! Bake! How many cards can we make? How many cookies can we leave on doorsteps? This year, Mary came up with the brilliant idea of handing out free cupcakes on our corner.

After a test run last week, she learned she needed a sign. Yelling, “FREE cupcakes!” does no good. Most people don’t even turn their head (I’m sure there’s some fabulous parable for life here…).

With Lizzy’s assistance, and this new fabulous sign– all was well.

Ben opening a few birthday presents.

My friend Kris said, “Think how a Valentine’s birthday has formed his character. His entire life he’s given to others on his birthday. It has to change the way you see the world.” I like her assessment. I think Ben’s pretty wonderful.

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getting ready…

As grateful as we were to have Leisl join us, her little brother Spencer stole the show. Is there anything on earth cuter than a toddler boy?

Our friends brought heart shaped ravioli, heart shaped breadsticks and even heart shaped croutons for the salad (note: always invite good cooks)

Let the Valentine crafting begin!

Hans changed his shirt so he’d match baby Spencer. Carrying him from place to place, playing ball on the floor, sharing cupcakes– Hans devoted his entire evening to Spencer. Hans’ future children are lucky, lucky people.

Glitter on cards, glitter on lips, glitter on the floor…

I purposely underwater my tulips because I love the drooping look.

Jessi practicing Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue.’ Go listen to it right now. You know you want to. Jessi knocked it out of the park.

February 17, 2015


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  1. Amara Bray

    February 22, 2015

    Toddler boys are cute, but that’s an especially cute one. Decor for the party and pictures are over the top here!

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