things making me happy today

1. this photo shoot

many more photos and the story behind them coming soon….

2. an incredibly kind card from my friend Lori.

3. this song, which my whole family is singing right now

You can watch the video here; I promise it will make you smile.

4. boys who wash the dishes and load the washer.

5. this catalog

crewcuts catalog image Pictures, Images and Photos

please remind me that I need to make $$ before I spend it.

6. my friend Selwyn starting a glorious new year– check out her blog for raw, beautiful writing and an glimpse of life Down Under.

7. cleaning a cabinet and finding this print that my mom bought for me a few years ago. I think it’s time I invest in a gorgeous frame.

8. and life. Marvelous, wonderful life.

August 11, 2009
August 18, 2009



  1. Selwyn

    August 15, 2009

    Happy is wonderful! Enjoy =)

  2. Jeanelle

    August 15, 2009

    Oh you know how I adore a blog full of random lists. Loved the song. Can’t wait to hear more about that beautiful couple. Frame that print. Will check the video from the laptop later but for now, I must do the dishes in the sink and pack the car!! 🙂

  3. martha corinna

    August 15, 2009

    That print is beautiful.

    Your photos are SO good. I guess I shouldn’t be but I am always surprised by your talent.

  4. Tracy

    August 16, 2009

    The code COOKIE is working for 20% off at crewcuts. 🙂

  5. katherine

    August 16, 2009

    Those are really great things Michelle. And I have been listening to that same song all week too!

  6. Countryside Portraits

    August 17, 2009

    Wonderful post!! Great pictures!!


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