too much all at once

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Every winter, I doubt my garden will come back , but every spring it delights and amazes me. My garden burst into bloom this week. Peonies and pansies and every variety of rose.

My roses are exuberant, almost ridiculous as they each reach to outbloom the others.

As much as I love them all, their simultaneous beauty means I can’t fully enjoy each flower.

And that’s May.

So much all at once that a mother’s brain can scarcely contain it: recitals, programs, elections assemblies (Hans won!), award nights, 4th grade grandparent’s day… along with all the normal lessons and practices and homework… well, you really don’t want me to list it all.

And at the same time, it’s finally nice enough for hiking,

airsoft wars in the backyard

more gatherings and late nights and getting shave ice at 10 p.m. And no, adorable Allison from the calculus video isn’t Hans’ girlfriend, but she is spectacular and should probably be a Disney princess.

And while my roses tumble into my neighbor’s driveway

crowd the rose arch

and fill my window wells (I almost missed this Abraham Darby hiding behind my garbage cans),

I’m trying to circle the house every daygather bouquets

throw rose petals

just notice

and though I can’t possibly see them all (or make it to every concert and program), drink it in and enjoy each moment one by one.

p.s. and if you’re passing by my house, don’t hesitate to borrow scissors and a basket. I’m happy to share.


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  1. Michelle

    June 1, 2014

    Delicious post. I cannot get enough of spring!

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