Erik’s been traveling all week and yes, we do slip unto greater chaos every time he leaves. Erik is the one who is good about getting everybody to bed on time, meds taken, teeth brushed etc.

I am the slacker parent.

The little ones parade downstairs to sleep in my bed with Erik gone. But this time they not only brought blankets and pillows but toys and stuffed animals and cribs for Mary’s dollies. Tripping over it all in the middle of the night isn’t fun but waking up and seeing Miss Mary dressing her dolly is exquisitely sweet.

It’s one of those moments I have to pinch myself and say , “Wow, my life is really blessed.”

another moment today at ballet…

Erik was making a heroic effort to return home Friday night and in his haste to reach the Pittsburgh airport got a $171 speeding ticket. The ticket slowed him down enough that when he reached the airport he didn’t have time to fill the rental car with gas. He got to pay the rental agency’s oh-so reasonable price of $7 a gallon to fill up the car.

Sprinting into the airport, he breathlessly reached the ticket counter, “Can I still get on my flight? May I check my bags?”

“Of course. You’ve got plenty of time. The flight is 45 minutes late.”

Ah, the joys of travel. But he is home; he is safe and that’s enough for now. Even if we do have to eat nothing but toast all week to make up for his last-minute expenses.

February 28, 2008
March 2, 2008


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  1. Jan Russell

    March 5, 2008

    that shot from ballet class is way too precious!

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