Watch out for the dummy!

The boys are having their usual Sunday afternoon fun. I was sitting here at the computer when Xander and Hans came running and screaming–“Mom, Stefan’s going to jump off the balcony!” I looked up and over to see a body hurtling from the balcony above me and onto the couch. For just a brief moment I thought it was Stefan–but I quickly noticed it was a headless dummy created out of pillows and blankets dressed in Stefan’s clothes.

Now they’ve attached the dummy to a rope and are hoisting him up and down. Whatever. As long as they are happy and nice to each other I let a lot slide. And really all I want to do is get back to my book –These is My Words by Nancy Turner– it’s so fantastic and saved me at Xander’s boring violin recital last night.

The recital really was painful. It’s a huge concert held every three years with virtually every Suzuki student in Utah playing violin, viola, flute, cello, bass, harp, flute, harmonica (kidding) etc. The first one we went to 9 years ago was really exciting. Ben was just 6 and I was so proud of what a good little violinist he was. I found it inspiring to see all these kids playing music together.

But now I just resent the time it takes. We had to arrive hours early for organization and seating and during the long wait you could hear mothers and kids talking and comparing, “What song are you on?’ “How long have you been playing?” “Is my kid smarter than yours? I’m so over that sort of thing. I don’t care how my kid measures up to anyone else. I just want them to learn to play an instrument because it’s so fun to have a talent like that and so good for their little brains.

The concert was 2.5 hours long; every instrument played several songs and they had a sappy MC using phrases like “reach within you and find the gold.” Xander and I would have been so much better off staying home and playing Scrabble with our family. He could have played us a few songs on his violin if we wanted to be cultural.

I just went outside to take pictures of Ben practicing lacrosse. The ball ricocheted off the fence and hit me square in the head. I had to come lay on the couch until I was sure the brain damage is only minimal. Thank goodness my camera wasn’t hurt. 🙂 Obviously, that was a sign that I should go back to reading my book. Stefan is making grilled cheese for dinner– glory, hallelujah!

October 20, 2007
October 25, 2007


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  1. Roger

    October 24, 2007

    Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. “Scenes from the Wild” — somehow that just fits. During the last several weeks I’ve joined this daily blog reading–it’s totally fascinating and we’ve been absolutely amazed at the comments, especially the love and support for Sir Jack. Re-reading your tribute and words of encouragement for Sarah and Darren triggered my jump to your site. This crazy neighborhood improved by a factor of 10X when you two and your crew moved into your beautiful home on Craig Drive. We watch you and your kids—you are a very real family; fun, flexible, work and play together, intelligent, witty, maximum spiritual balance and never taking yourself too serious. The list could go on and on. Most notable is your recent involvement with Sir Jack. More than your special favors and remembrances, it is your endless expressions of tender love. We’ve commented on several occasions during the last 9-weeks how much we have felt your support and connection. Sarah so much enjoyed the cards delivered by your boys, and of course the scribbling and hearts by Mary and Gab. She and Darren are strong, but they are stronger yet by your influence of love. A part of your love surrounds Sir Jack and will be with him unitl that anticipated morning of the resurrection. Thank you, thank you, thank you – all the Dudley’s are buoyed-up by the Lehnardt’s! Now, we do need to go off line on the conversion to the blue-bloods! I’m in shock to learn a few jabs totally turned your boys to the school down south—it makes one wanting to never ever play tricks again if the outcome can be so twisted, I will repent!

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