Winter Roses

Just a little bit of beauty for this Thursday morning…

 photo EI3C1685copy_zpsc54a872d.jpg

Kit and Kevin’s darling Ryn turned eight this winter– ready for baptism. I usually buy wrist corsages for baptism photos, but this time, I knew exactly what I wanted– a crown of roses. And I knew exactly who to call– Allison Baddley of Lafete Floral. We’d borrowed a crown for Christmas photos and it looked this good after 8 days in Emi’s refrigerator:

 photo EI3C9295copy_zps63392262.jpg
 photo EI3C9480copy_zps82b6a0ee.jpg
 photo EI3C9371copy_zpsa34cfe24.jpg
 photo EI3C9391-1copy_zps40bcceb3.jpg
Allison made the most gorgeous crown for Ryn (and for not much more than a wrist corsage– hmm, she probably should have charged me more).

 photo EI3C1765copy_zps1579a27d.jpg

My favorite part of taking these photos was watching Kit and Kevin. They both teared up as they admired their beautiful girl. Kit murmuring over and over, “I love you so much, Ryn. I love you so much.”

 photo EI3C1789copy_zpse93d9a0e.jpg

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 photo EI3C1582copy_zps855dd7aa.jpg

 photo EI3C1480copy_zpsc1479c50.jpg
 photo EI3C1440copy_zpsfc36c178.jpg

And of course I had to reuse the crown the next day….

 photo EI3C1876copy_zpse4e08055.jpg

 photo EI3C1833copy_zpsd5ee29cd.jpg

 photo EI3C1896copy_zps0982fe4c.jpg

 photo EI3C1856copy_zpsb931991f.jpg

 photo EI3C1867copy_zps38f9ba81.jpg
 photo EI3C1956copy_zpsf8a78aff.jpg
 photo EI3C1936copy_zpsf3005704.jpg
I already have plans for the next flower crown…

March 5, 2014



  1. Lisa

    March 7, 2014

    Absolutely gorgeous photos and such beautiful girls. What a special time.

  2. sk

    March 7, 2014

    sooo beautiful! I just LOVE flower crowns. I can’t wait to see more!!

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